Mojgan Rahiminejad (Mojy) is an Iranian Artist and Graphic designer born 1966 in Tehran. Mojy has B.A. in Graphic design from Azad University.
Mojy’s first and second exhibitions was in Tehran, Iran before her university.

Since then she was working as a graphic designer professionally and she was following her passion painting in her free times. Couple of years ago she started painting again and she wants to share her world with you. 

Mojy wants to share her feeling about glare of layers from human’s interplay along our life.

“Our lives comprise different layers of energy, which overlay on top of each other through

the passage of time. These layers make our life. Instead of eliminating and overseeing the dirty layers, let’s look at the beautiful texture they create together in a composition.

Let’s search for beauty in the bigger picture!


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